How to Avoid Foreclosure

The cat is officially out of the bag when it comes to saving you the headache of dealing with a foreclosure and how to avoid foreclosure altogether. The question remains how do homeowners find the appropriate professionals to help with that process to avoid foreclosure.

At The Approval Experts our entire staff has been trained on giving professional advice to help owners. We believe that the only way to avoid foreclosure is having the knowledge to understand your unique situation. You may not know this but many people today still have problems understanding how a short sale works and how it can really help you avoid foreclosure.

Our offices has been involved in over 400 short sale transactions and we believe we can help almost any homeowner avoid foreclosure. It’s up to you to take the first step in understanding your particular situation. We have professionals standing by ready to help you. If you are looking to reduce your liability and avoid foreclosure we recommend taking the time to sit down with one of us at The Approval Experts.

We always recommend speaking to an attorney to give you legal guidance. If you are looking for a local

You may not know this but choosing the correct real estate team to negotiate the sale of your home is crucial if you plan is to avoid foreclosure. Many Realtors and agents are unaware of how the process works and many can actually have a detrimental effect. In many cases uneducated agents that fail to understand the process will do their client a disservice by taking on the listing, as time is a valuable part of the short sale process.

We are conveniently located in Cardiff, CA, just south of Encinitas and north of Solana Beach. We specialize in North County San Diego with an emphasis in communities such as Rancho Santa Fe and San Elijo Hills, although we have worked on short sales throughout San Diego County and beyond. We are the distressed property professionals and we are here to help!

If your goal is to avoid foreclosure allow some of the most talented distressed property agents in San Diego help you. Feel free to call our office at 858-345-3825 or stop by and ask for Jeran Fraser or someone from his team to help you. Our address is 2121 Newcastle Ave. Suite F, Cardiff, CA 92007. You can’t miss our Trinity Homes and Investments sign above the door.

Carlsbad Short Sale

If you own a home in Carlsbad there is a chance you are in a negative equity position. This isn’t a bad thing if you happen to have had the chance to refinance your loan or pick up a 30 year fixed at 4% or 5% rates. The bad news is many homeowners that are underwater on their mortgages in Carlsbad bought with creative loans that have either reset to higher rates or have that potential issue in the near future.

A Carlsbad short sale is not a bad option if you are considering walking away or foreclosing. Keep in mind that a foreclosure on your record can be extremely detrimental compared to a short sale. Many ask the question why a short sale would benefit them and we can show a number of reasons why, including the credit rating effect, negotiating a potential deficiency judgment along with other reasons.

If you are in the search for a professional Realtor or real estate agent that can handle your Carlsbad short sale feel free to call North County San Diego’s premier short sale specialists. We don’t use automated machines and we will come and talk to you in person to better help you assess your unique situation.  We truly believe that a Carlsbad short sale can be closed in an efficient manner, which could very well minimize the exposure to potential issues if a foreclosure were to happen.

There are risks when walking away, so be sure to talk to someone at The Approval Experts who can explain the differences in a foreclosure or a Carlsbad short sale. We are conveniently located at 2121 Newcastle Ave. Suite F in Cardiff, CA. We can be reached at 858-345-3825.

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